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Epoxy Tables & Construction Services

Nothing has a comparable to the product that Lilac City Delivers 

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Epoxy Tables

custom woodwork, Custom furniture that have epoxy finished table tops, conference tables, dinning tables, desks and more. Call us today for your custom table top, bar top or woodworking project. Our Team is lead by the most veteran woodworkers and finish carpenters in the business. 

100% made in the USA and in the PNW ( Pacific Northwest)

Lilac City LLC specializes in numerous types of aspects that you may need. We have a full-on construction division who specializes in Finish Carpentry, door and trim installation, Cabinet installation and more!

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Services Above

Within the Spokane and Couer D' Alene Region we have become the only company who truly builds a 100% true Pacific Northwest table. Not only is the wood black walnut from the eastern Washington region, but the legs are made by a local metal fabricator out of stainless steel. 

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