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Cabinets are a major piece of Lilac City’s finish work. We do multiple sets of cabinets a month. This has been a niche market of ours for many years. Our process includes a proprietary system which is not used by other painting and finish shops. Our technique will ensure ultimate longevity and guarantee a long-lasting finish.


Call us today to get your cabinet refinishing estimate. 


Lilac City Painting specializes in any type of specialty work that you may need, such as staining applications for cabinets, decks, fences and other exterior woodwork. We use only the highest quality alkyd products for our exterior stain finishes. Sikkens, Sansin, Storm and Deft are some of the high-grade alkyds on the market today.


Sealing your exterior wood is extremely important in the Spokane area due to the large temperature and moisture fluctuations of the four seasons that are unique to the Inland Northwest.

Using the higher-grade products will add a better seal to any wood substrate. The Exterior Staining and sealing at Lilac City Painting also includes driveway and walkway sealing, cedar/wood soffits, timbered entry’s, handrails, doors and windows.  

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