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Exterior Painting

Exterior residential painting is a large portion of what we do at Lilac City Painting. The exterior painting of your largest investment is an incredibly important and often stressful decision. A high-quality paint job will add many years to the exterior of your home and dramatically increase the curb appeal to any property. We will help you every step of the way to make sure you stay on budget and are thrilled with your color choices. 

Using the correct prep methods and lifetime acrylics we will set your home aside from the rest. Lilac City Painting has hundreds of satisfied customers all over Spokane, who refer us on a daily basis.

We are competitively priced and offer a higher quality service due to the products we use, the talent of our well-trained crews, and the fact that we stay true to the work that needs to be done while never cutting corners to save money.


Lilac City Painting does not use contractor grade products on any residential exterior project. We strictly use lifetime acrylics to insure a long warranty and premium overall finish. We always apply two full coats to ensure a flawless cover. 


Interior Painting

Interior residential painting has many areas of interest. Having any contractor in your home is a big deal. Lilac City Painting has a great crew of men and women operated by the owner. We understand having anyone inside your home for days at a time can be intrusive and sometimes uncomfortable. We are sensitive to each individual homeowner and their peace of mind while our crews are in their homes. We require extensive background checks before we hire crew members to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible having us in your home. And if for any reason you would like to request one of our different paint crews, we are happy to accommodate as available, no questions asked.

We have the same extensive prep methods inside of your home as we do for the rest of our projects. The paint used on an interior can substantially determine the longevity of walls and trims.

We use washable wall paints and durable enamels for all of our projects, so scrub away worry free! Using these products on your walls will make it easy to clean up stains from the kids, pets, and normal wear. The better the interior product the longer it lasts, therefore we use the best.

We always apply a two-coat minimum to insure a heavy build on all of the walls and trims. Interior painting includes; walls, ceilings, trims, doors, cabinets, millworks, and all woodwork.

Take a look at some of our portfolio pictures to get an idea of our work.  

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