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Lilac City


Lilac City Painting Is Licensed, Bonded and fully Insured. We do a vast assortment of residential and commercial applications. Residential is a huge part of our business. We work with homeowners on a daily basis to assist in improving the value and curb appeal to their largest asset.


In order to do this, we go over every option with the homeowner and provide them with the best possible solution. We offer a wide variety of residential interior and exterior applications. On interiors we offer everything from standard walls and ceilings to cabinetry refinishing, trims and all other woodwork. The wood finishes can be done onsite or in our finishing shop. Exterior includes; all types of structures, wood, concrete, composite siding, metal etc., fencing & staining, driveway and walkway sealing.


The longevity of any project, Interior or Exterior, is completely determined on the preparation and quality of the products used. Specifically, on exterior projects the "prep" is among the most important aspects. A company could use the highest quality product on the market but if the prep work was not done correctly it will not last through the seasons. Exterior prep-work includes a complete pressure wash, scrape/sand, spackle and caulk (to completely seal up the new coating from all water) and priming. Once the prep-work is done paint is ready to apply. 


Commercial applications are followed to the same detailed standards as residential. We have extensive experience in commercial applications. Many of these can be seen here in Spokane. Here are some examples of how broad our commercial applications are. The M Apartments (former Macy's Building Downtown Spokane), The Spokesman Review, The Chronicle, Westside Motorsports, Lululemon, Bark Rescue, Ashley furniture (entire showroom), Bear Creek Lodge on Mount Spokane (full exterior restoration), Custom Truck, Oxarc (multiple locations throughout the region) along with dozens of additional businesses, apartments and condos through out the Greater Spokane area. 


Here at Lilac City Painting we only use the highest-grade paint available. We use only 100% Lifetime acrylics on all of our projects. Every product applied by Lilac City Painting is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

The Lilac City Painting Story


Lilac City Painting is a family owned and operated business. We have been in business for 15 years and serve the greater Spokane area. Our teams are led by myself, Jonathan Clausen. A little about myself, I have lived in Spokane for 20 years and graduated locally from Ferris High School. I have an A.A. from S.F.C.C and attended Eastern Washington University’s business school for accounting. I have a passion for education and have brought that passion to Lilac City Painting where we train the finest crews in the proper techniques for preparation and product application to ensure you receive the best possible end result for your project.


We are fluent in all of the products and procedures we use, determining what methods and applications are best for your project. I operate my business with the same family morals and values we use at home with my wife and two boys. Etiquette is extremely important to us when working with you, my team and I are always aware of that aspect when it comes to working in or out of your home or business. We operate small crews, allowing us to give you personalized service to meet your specific needs. Our philosophy is to work on one project at a time so we can give our undivided attention to you.

Our Philosophy and 3 foundations
1. Do the right thing even when no one is looking.
2. Never make a dollar at the expense of another.
3. Give more to the world than you take from it.
4. The only type of business deal to make is were all       parties win.

Those may seem a little bit corny or basic but these are not only the true beliefs of our ownership group, management group but this is also something that each and every member of Lilac City LLC and at CLAUSEN.INC

Jonathan Clausen, owner of Lilac City Painting, and his wife and two children









Our Painting Process

House painter reinstalls a drapery rod R

Our Quality Guarantee

Here at Lilac City Painting we only use the highest grade 100% lifetime acrylics. On all residential projects. Every product applied by Lilac City Painting is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Also including all stains, oil based products, industrial coatings, specialty coatings and epoxy's.

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