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Lilac City Painting - Pride in Our Prep Work


At Lilac City Painting we have a higher standard of prep work than the typical painting company.  Our prep is what sets us aside from the other paint companies in the Spokane area. Beginning with a strong foundation of extensive prep is what makes our company different.  


Prep work is singly the most significant role in a great paint job, but is the one area most try and cut short on. A thorough prep process determines the overall longevity of your project. Even with using lifetime acrylics the base of any sub-straight must be prepped correctly for a long lasting, fluid finish. We start each project with a thorough pressure wash of the siding, wood and masonry to get the sub-straight clean. Once the wash has had 24-48 hours to dry we will begin the prep process. This includes scraping any and all loose material on the project. We use carbide scrapers that remove all loose paint, stain or varnishes with a clean margin.


Once the scraping is complete a light sand will be done to knock down the ridges from previously peeling paint. A heavy sand may be done on specific project to remove more material. After the loose material has been removed all cracks, gaps and seems will be caulked with a lifetime urethane elastomeric caulking to seal the sub-straight water tight, free from moisture, dirt and insects.


Once the main scrape and caulk is completed the bare surfaces will be primed with top of the line primers. XIM Peel Bond has become our “house “primer on almost every application due to its high level of solids and durability to the elements. During the prep and painting process 3M masking, canvas drop cloths and floor cover will be used on all of the areas not to be painted.


The preventative procedures make for a much cleaner job site and insures the unpainted areas do not get paint splatter ie. your plants, floors, furniture, concrete, windows etc.   

The Lilac City Painting Story


Lilac City Painting is a family owned and operated business. We have been in business for 9 years and operate in the greater Spokane area. Our team is led by myself, Jonathan Clausen. A little about myself, I have lived in Spokane for 18 years and graduated high school here. I have an A.A. from S.F.C.C and attended Eastern Washington University’s business school for accounting. I have taken my love for education and have applied it to painting in the Spokane area. We are fluent in all of the products and procedures we use, determining what methods and applications are best for your project. I operate my business with the same family morals and values we use at home with my wife and two boys. Etiquette is extremely important to us when working with you, my team and I are always aware of that aspect when it comes to working in or out of your home or business. We operate a small crew, allowing us to be very personal. Our philosophy is to work on one project at a time, giving our undivided attention to you.

Jonathan Clausen, owner of Lilac City Painting, and his wife and two children.

Residential.  Commercial.  Interior.  Exterior.  Restoration.  Industrial Coatings. Specialty Work.

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